Immediately accepted by numerous State Champions

     After years of suffering from the yips, Clay Judice designed the SHAFTLIGN putter, in hopes of relieving his pain.  The unique visual allowed him to easily line up, and at the same time, perfectly square the face.  

    But this new putter proved to be more than just a great alignment tool.  The combination of the white shaft and bar proved to be a great peripheral aid in not only seeing, but also analyzing the stroke.  It became a stroking tool as well.  Indeed, many teaching pros advocate "putting with the shaft" as a stroke thought.

    With practice came a confident feeling that everything was properly aligned, which led to a more relaxed stroke, in which ball speed became the prime focus.  And that led to better and better results.   

    Ultimately, for Clay, putting became fun again.  And that just had to be shared.